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Plumbing Service and Kitchen Remodeling

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most popular questions and answers listed below for your convenience! 

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**Disclaimer: Our Estimates are free, however, in certain circumstances where the plumbing problem needs to be investigated longer than a half hour, there will be a $53.50 diagnostic fee assessed.  If you choose to have Affordable Plumbing & Remodeling perform the plumbing work, the diagnostic fee will be waived. 

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Q:  How long does it take to get product when it is not in stock?
A:  When product is ordered, it can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks.


Q:  How long does it take to do a job?
A:  Each project can vary with completion times. Several things can factor into it such as, faulty products, current weather conditions, faulty previous hidden construction, termite damage, customer changes and upgrades.


Q:  What makes your products unique in comparison to home improvement centers?
A:  Our products are unique because, the products that we sell cannot be found in your local home center and are of better quality.  For instance, the faucet lines we carry are made with ceramic valves and solid brass construction. They feature lifetime warranties on the construction and finish and offer the "no drip" technology.  Our stools all have large trap ways and superior flushing mechanisms. They are all tested in house by our experts before any of them hit the sales floor. The tubs, air tubs and tub and shower units are constructed with thick acrylic quality. We sell only fine china for our stools, tubs, pedestals and sinks. We fully back the warranties of each product and  unlike, the home center, where you would have to take your product back and exchange it for a working product, we take care of everything in house for you!  


Q:  Is your company insured?
A:  Yes, our company is fully insured. 


Q:  Are your plumbers licensed? 
A:  Yes, all of our plumbers have to be licensed with the city. Our plumbers go through a four year school that requires classroom education, on the job training and significant testing. 


Q:  Do you offer financing?
A:  We do not finance through our company, however we will work with any lender of your choice. 


Q:  Do you have carpenters on staff?
A:  Yes, we are fully staffed with our own carpenters. 
Q:  Do you have designers on staff?
A:  Yes, we have both interior and architectural designers on staff. 


Q:  Do you design build?
A:  Yes, we do.


Q:  Do we have to get our own plumbers, electricians, carpenters, tile setters, sheet rockers and etc.?
A:  No, we offer everything in house, with one stop shopping. 


Q:  Do we have full control of what we want in our remodel?
A:  Yes. Our design team will work with you to accomplish your wants and needs. Our experts know the codes and structural integrity of what can or cannot be done under normal conditions. 


Q:  Do you offer special needs remodeling?
A:  Yes, we work with clients and the State of Iowa on various special needs projects. We will design the space to accommodate specific needs.


Q:  Can I, as the homeowner, do some of the project to save on costs?
A:  Absolutely, as long as it does not interfere with the codes. We are obligated to be very particular because our name is associated with each remodeling job and we want it to look stylish, while performing to code. 

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